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Richard A. Clapsaddle, CPA, President and CEO, is licensed by the State of New York.  He holds a graduate degree in Taxation, as well as the designation of being a recognized Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC).  Mr. Clapsaddle's business experience spans three decades.  During this time, Mr. Clapsaddle has written numerous tax articles and lectured on our complicated system of income taxation before meetings of clients, bankers, attorneys and others.  His latest seminar was given at the United Nations headquarters in New York City where he was invited to speak before selected members of the United Nations Credit Union.

Mr. Clapsaddle has been the trusted advisor to well-known international personalities. His diverse international tax experience has positioned the Firm to be proactive with respect to complex client planning issues to reduce the overall negative impact of taxes while maximizing wealth enhancement.  His duties have included filling the position as officer of their U.S. corporations and acting as trustee for their U.S. trusts.

Mr. Clapsaddle has successfully represented his clients before various tax authorities related to all types of tax resulting in significant tax dollar savings.

Dr. Donna J. Clapsaddle, Director of IT, began her career at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center in Yorktown as a programmer.  She designed and coded all types of software, from low-level machine bootstraps to user-centered applications. Subsequently, as owner of a software consulting firm, Software Strategies, she provided consulting services and seminars to small businesses in the New York area, designing websites, custom software and database systems, and has participated in the development, implementation, and production of virtual reality video games for entertainment and education. Having recently completed a Doctor of Professional Studies in Computing from the School of Computer and Information Science at Pace University with a dissertation on website usability, she is responsible for all day-to-day computing needs of the firm, including hardware, software, network, and internet.